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Fever är ett brittiskt märke från London som inspireras av vintagemodeller och kvinnliga siluetter. Kollektionerna består av en kreativ mix av elegans, lekfulla prints och tidlösa modeller. De reser jorden runt för att hitta inspiration till deras mönster och modeller.

Fair Trade Policy
Fever London Ltd uses third party manufacturers in China, India and Vietnam. The factories and overseas organisations we work with are reputable firms and we've built trustworthy relationships with them over many years. Fever London requires all of its product suppliers to abide by guidelines based on the Ethical Trading Initiative’s (ETI) Base Code, however currently our ability to formally audit the facilities is limited. Our employment standards required of our suppliers accord with industry standards including that employees should: be given a safe and healthy environment to work in; be given the right to free association; be paid a fair wage; not be forced or bonded labour; be of an appropriate age; and work only reasonable hours.

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