Emmy Skater cardigan black

Emmy Skater cardigan black

The ice skater cardigan från Emmy är en midjekort kofta i vackert grovstickat mönster. Koftan är svart och har puffade axlar för en riktig 40-tals look. The ice skater cardigan är figurnära och har knappar i samma gula färg. Passar perfekt till en klänning a la 30-50tal och till ett par höga blåa jeans. Koftan är i 100% ull och kommer hålla dig varm hela hösten och vintern. Finns även i orange

100% Ull
Handtvätt rekommenderas

The cardigan is very warm despite its short length thanks to the heavy wool yarn, full-length sleeves, and narrow neck.
This cardigan is your ultimate companion all year ‘round as the heavy wool keeps you warm without making you sweaty! So no matter what way the wind blows or however shifty the weather, you will always present yourself in the best of styles.
The narrow V-neck can be buttoned as high or as low as you feel like, or as the weather allows. So what colors do you need?

Our popular high quality knits are in 100 % wool.
Heavy wool is warm without leaving you sweaty and thin wool feels airy and cool even in hot weather. It also stays fresh long, cutting down on washes. Let it air out between wears and when it eventually needs washing just machine wash it at hand wash settings. In other words no need for time-consuming and costly hand wash and dry cleaning!
Wool is infamously itchy, but we've solved that issue completely by giving the yarn a mercerized surface that makes it a bit shiny, very soft and gets less pilling. Nice huh?
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