Emmy Skater cardigan

Emmy Skater cardigan

A true emmy classic and their most popular piece ever! The heavy cable knit and mercerized 100 % wool cardigan ends right at the waist, which makes it the perfect match to full skirted dresses and high waist pants. Very warm despite its short length thanks to the heavy wool yarn, full-length sleeves, and narrow neck.
Material: Heavy and soft mercerized yarn in black. 100% wool.

Emmys popular high quality knits are now in even higher quality as they have dropped the low acrylic content from previous seasons and are now proud to say that their winter knits are in 100 % wool.
Wool is warm without leaving you sweaty. It also stays fresh, cutting down on washes. Wool is infamously itchy, but we've solved that issue completely by giving the yarn a mercerized surface that makes it a bit shiny, very soft and gets less pilling. They have also made sure that the garment can be machine washed because they know how time-consuming and costly hand wash and dry cleaning can be.

1449 SEK

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